Cat Holidays

Facilities and what we do

We welcome fully vaccinated cats and kittens from 12 weeks of age. We do, however, try to keep everything as much the same as at home for kittens with regard to food, routine, etc. and would advise that you come and talk to us so that we can provide the best possible care. We also cater for cats with special needs and would encourage you to come and chat to us if you think that your cat may fall into this category.

Our cats have heated indoor bedrooms with cosy beds and access to covered outside runs with a view of the gardens where plants have been specifically planted to attract butterflies and birds to provide the cats with interest and stimulation. We provide beds and bedding but some owners like to bring additional. We maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the day. The cattery also has it's own designated kitchen.

All cats are groomed, by our professional groomers, during their stay whether it be a long or a short. This is done daily or as much as they will allow. This ensures that his/her coat stays in good condition whilst improving the circulation and muscle tone - all very important for your cat’s sense of well-being.

Your cat's health and wellbeing, where possible, will be monitored on a daily basis and for long stay cats their weight will be monitored regularly. We will ask you about your cats requirements, habits, likes and dislikes, health, medication, food etc. in order that we can get to know your cat(s) and maketheir stay the best possible.

We carry a variety of diets both dry and tinned but cannot hold all that are available on the market so please come and discuss your cat’s requirements. If your cat is on a special diet ie veterinary prescription please do come and talk to us about it. We aim to keep your cats feeding routine to very much as it is at home.

Toys are always very welcome and we provide several types of toys such as balls, cat go-nutz and scatter balls.

We have 24 hour veterinary cover and personnel on site 24 hours a day.

Free veterinary insurance cover is included but we do advise that you have your own as our insurance only covers up to a certain amount and excludes any condition deemed to be pre-existing or animals over a certain age.

We do provide a collection and delivery service.

Additional Information

Cat Vaccinations
We will only accept cats that are and have been fully vaccinated against Feline Panieucopaenia (enteritis), Leukaemia, Feline Rhinotrachetitis and Calci Virus (cat flu) within the last 12 months. All vaccinations should be given at least 14 days prior to arrival (including the completion of new vaccination course).

Please discuss any medication at the time of booking. All medication including prescription food must be clearly marked with the pets name, surname, type of medication, strength and dose rate. Details of any pre-existing conditions must be disclosed at the time of booking.

We have our own vet but can use your vet where appropriate. All cats are insured up to a set amount against veterinary fees. This does not include any pre-existing conditions, conditions that the insurance company consider preventable or animals over a certain age. We do advise that you take out additional insurance as treatment can exceed this amount and would not be covered under our policy. Please see terms and conditions of business, as any additional fees are the responsibility of the owner.


A huge thank you to all who looked after Storm during his recent stay and all the fantastic care you gave. Sharon & Tim
Thank you for looking after the menagerie whilst we were away - they are all looking very fit and well. Mrs Heard

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